Privacy Policy

We at the BusinessFive-O Blog wish to provide you with the best possible security for private information, and we constantly strive to ensure that it is constantly protected. In this Privacy Policy you will find out some of the ways in which we may use personally identifiable information related to you. This includes, but is not limited to, your e-mail address, name, street address and telephone number. Before reading this, you can be sure that we will never pass your details on to another provide in exchange for cash or something else. This means we will never sell, rent or loan your personal data and we will ensure that your e-mail address is not abused.

How Information is Collected

We collect information from you in a number of different ways, and these methods depend on how you use our website. Upon registering you will provide us with your name and a variety of other related details. If you use many of the other services that we provide then we will need to know who you are in order to provide you with the best possible user experience.

We may also capture information ‘indirectly’ from you by way of electronic tools. One of the most popular that we use is ‘cookies’ which will help us ensure that we are dealing with you. These will often be used to store your user name or password so you do not need to continually enter it every time you visit our website. We may also use cookies to limit the amount of times you are displayed to some advertisements. In some cases cookies may also keep a log of your Internet Service Provider, otherwise known as your ISP.

Technology is constantly improving, and thus in the future we may use other methods to capture information from you. Sometimes you will be able to refuse cookies on our website, this can be done via your web browser. However, this would mean that you will be unable to access some sections of our website, and the website will not be customized to the preferences that you have made with us.

How we use your information

All the information that we gather from you will be used to provide you with the best possible user experience. When we use your personal information we will be able to tailor content and advertising to ensure that you have things which will be of interest displayed. None of your personal information will be shared, and everything you provide us with will remain private.

From time to time we may also collect information which may not be personal to you. This information is collected to enable us to make improvements to any of the websites or services that we display and offer to you. Using this information we will be able to find out what the most popular features of the website are, and perhaps more importantly, what visitors want. Content can then be tailored accordingly. From time to time we may share this non-personal information with our advertisers, although you can be sure that anything we share will be impossible to identify you by.

From time to time we may use personal information to make contact with you for a number of reasons. This can include, but is not limited to, any updates to the terms and conditions of our website or privacy policy. Any information on products or services that we offer now or in the future, and sometimes things which we feel may be useful for you. In some cases this information will also be used to ensure that the website is administered in the correct way, for trouble shooting purposes and to process transactions. It will also be needed if you opt to enter any competitions that we may provide.

Any information that we use of yours is used only legally. In certain cases we may be told to divulge your information if we are presented with a court order, or if we have a legal obligation to do so, for example if you owe us money or if a law enforcement agency gets in touch with us. In either of these circumstances, it is not needed to get in touch with you. From time to time, third parties may have access to your information. This includes, but is not limited to, our web hosting service.

In the future, as our business continues to grow we may work with companies to buy, sell or partner with them to provide a better service. In many cases, the information that we hold on our site users will also be transferred.

Affiliated/Linked Sites and Advertisers

The BusinessFive-O Blog is concerned about the privacy of our members, and we expect all companies which partner with us to respect this policy. However, we are aware that many third parties that are associated with us may have developed their own privacy policies and may collect data that is not similar to us. Sometimes, when on our site you may end up clicking something which is hosted by a third party and is thus not part of The BusinessFive-O Blog.

We will not be held responsible for any third party actions. It is your responsibility as a user to ensure that the company you choose to work with has a privacy policy in place and look into how it may differ from ours. Some of our affiliates or partners use cookies to determine which advertisements should be displayed to you based on what you like. The BusinessFive-O Blog is not in a position where they will be able to determine how these third parties use your data and how they gather it is completely out of our control and if issues do arise it is up to you to solve them.

Policy Regarding Children

We will never knowingly gather information that is personally identifiable from a child under the age of thirteen unless we have been given legal permission to do so. In the event that we discover information has been gathered in such a manner it will be immediately removed from all of our databases. If you feel as though you have information where this has been breached then you can contact us using the following methods:



Policy Changes

From time to time, there is a chance that our Privacy Policy may go through changes. It is therefore recommended that you check back often to ensure that you are up to date with our policy. By using after changes to the privacy agreement has been change means that you have accepted all terms and conditions in the most up to date policy.

Governing Law

The privacy policy listed above is subject to the laws of the State of Texas. Any disputes relating to this policy will be carried out under mediation as the first course of action, if that fails then these laws will be brought into practice. All mediation will be carried out in Seabrook, Texas and will follow the rules which have been set by the American Arbitration Association. All fees, other than attorney fees, will be divided equally amongst the two parties attending the mediation.

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