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Prolific writer, author, speaker and trained direct response copywriter and trainer. Experienced in online marketing, offline marketing and marketing to the affluent professional.  Strategist at Alan Pace & Company and Trainer for The Smart Marketing Wizard.

Cassandra has worked for noted clients including former President Bill Clinton; Houston megastars, Beyonce and Kelly Roland; the late Governor of  Texas, Ann Richards; New York Giants running-back, Super Bowl champ and two time pro-bowler, Rodney Hampton; former U.S. Drug Czar and Houston Mayor, Lee P. Brown; current Houston Mayor, Anise Parker; former Congressman, Ken Bentsen; and current Congresswoman, Sheila Jackson Lee.  Invited by Texas Governor, Rick Perry to address her peers in Austin.

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Stop Blaming YELP!

Stop Blaming YELP!

November 22, 2013 | By | Add a Comment

Is Your Business Reputation Suffering Because You Don’t Get this One Element of a Stellar Reputation? Let’s make this clear right now: I won’t be telling you things you don’t already know; I’m going to be telling you some things you don’t realize. A while back I read an article on Screenwerk about business owner…

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